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3 Things Thursday

It’s been one hectic week! From studying, working, dinners, Mommy this Mommy that, Mommy I can’t sleep, Mommy it’s too hot….but I wouldn’t change it for the world ūüôā


Wedding Season

Summer is here and that means wedding season has arrived with a bang.  Ironing my Indian clothes, dusting off my bangles and shoes to dress to impress.  I have to say I actually get excited in trying to decide which outfit to wear, how my makeup should look like and how I want my hair.  Typically, I do have to get ready 2 Р3 hours before the party only because I have to get my kids as well.  But when else do I get a chance to get all dolled up.

sonam kapoor (229)458629_Fotor_Collage_FotorIMG_20150517_142230

Healthy Journey

If you have ready my previously blogs, you will know that this year is a year for change. ¬†I’m on a healthy journey mentally and physically. ¬†One of my goals this year was to run in the Tough Mudder in Whistler on June 20th. In January, I visualized myself crossing that 20K finish line and receiving my TM head band. ¬†I was nervous and scared. ¬†I had so many¬†doubts and kept questioning myself if I could actually do this. ¬†And a month prior to June 20th (my race date) I have never had so many obstacles in my way. ¬†All these obstacles were trying to tell me to quit. ¬†And the fact that I couldn’t control these obstacles was so frustrating! ¬†Then finally I had to give up my control and tell myself that these obstacles are just that…obstacles. ¬†I’ve made the commitment in running and there’s nothing that’s going to stop me. ¬†And guess what….I did ūüôā


Summer Bucket List

Yes, I made a summer bucket list for 2015. ¬†I’m big on lists…love them. ¬†That’s how I keep myself organized at work and at home. ¬†When I made my summer bucket list I had my family in mind. ¬†What could we do as a family and make this summer the best. ¬†It’s a great way to get excited about what we’re going to do next. ¬†¬†What’s on your list?


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3 things Thursday

Since I came across Pink Chai Living’s website I have always wanted to write a post about “3 things Thursday” but felt uncomfortable. ¬†Not sure why? ¬†Was it the commitment I would have to make that every Thursday I have to write a post. ¬†Probably.


School Time

Yes that’s right! ¬†I thought I would never have to go back to learning something new. ¬†I’m 35 and thought that accounting was my career but the universe had a different plan for me this year. ¬†I honestly did want to go back but financially didn’t think it was possible. ¬†Well I’m doing it ūüôā ¬†And it feels awesome! ¬†I went “back to school” shopping…LOL. ¬†Bought myself a note book and a pencil case. ¬†Reminds me of the good old days when I used to¬†get so excited going back to school shopping with my Mom. ¬†I wanted to get those cool felt markers, the cool binders and the cool led pencils. ¬† I’m definitely a bit nervous, am I going to succeed in my new venture? ¬†I think so!!

Kids Hair Cuts

I haven’t cut my daughter’s hair in four years. ¬†Yes I know…four years! ¬†I used to get her hair cut all the time but something inside of me changed after she turned four. ¬†I wanted her hair to be long. ¬†Maybe it was because I knew she was growing up too fast? ¬†And for my son I let it grow until he desperately needs a hair cut. ¬†So today I made an appointment to get both my kids hair cuts. ¬†Wow…what a difference a hair cut can make. ¬†We also decided to donate my daughter’s hair. ¬†We are happy that her hair¬†will go to someone who needs it.


School’s out

School’s out for the summer! ¬†Wow, I can’t believe an entire school year has gone by. ¬†Where did the time go? ¬†Now I have to think ahead do a little bit of savings for all the back to school shopping the kids need. ¬†It’s great that the kids right now aren’t into name brands. ¬†Super thankful ūüôā ¬†Our school year is normally busy with school, homework and (many) after school activities. ¬†Now the plan is to enjoy our summer and that means fun in the sun. ¬†It’s Mommy’s time to relax and save a bit of gas in my car ūüôā


Now it’s your turn. ¬†Are you a blogger? ¬†Would you like to share 3 Things Thursday? ¬†It’s super easy. ¬†Please visit hosts,¬†Raj from¬†Pink Chai Living,¬†Nisha from¬†Love Laugh Mirch, and/or¬†Salma from¬†The Write Balance¬†for all the juicy details on how to join.

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Smash Cake Photoshoot

Yes…it’s been a while since I last wrote here. ¬†I needed a little down time and now I’m back. ¬†A lot happened in the last two months (it’s a whole other post).

I had the opportunity to be the photographer for my nephew’s 1st birthday smash cake. ¬†I was honoured when my sister in law asked me. ¬†This was a new challenge and I love challenges. ¬†But…were the photo’s going to turn out?

I then started my research (I’m an analyzer). ¬†I had so many different ideas, my mind was racing!! ¬†What kind of back drop would work? ¬†Do we need props? ¬†If so, what kind? ¬†How should I angle my camera? ¬†I had a ton of questions and I was starting to get nervous. ¬†So to ease my mind¬†I thought “I’m going to go with the flow”. ¬†And that’s what I did. ¬†I hope they turned out good…what do you think?

And here they are……








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What To Do If Your Spending Is Out of Control

Yes…it’s been a while since I last posted. ¬†I needed to re-group and take a break from social media. ¬†But here I am with a topic that I have worked really hard on. ¬†This will be a 2 – 3 part blog topic because writing about money is fun ūüôā

The first part I want to write about is the impulsive buying we do at shopping malls. ¬†When I didn’t have anything to do at home I would go to the mall for fun. ¬†“Oh those shoes are on sale!” ¬†“This top is perfect!” ¬†“Hmmmm this purse is amazing”! ¬†Yes I have said and bought anything on sale, the top and that purse. ¬†But what did it get me into? ¬†A very sticky¬†situation. ¬†Are you like this? ¬†Spending money and then not knowing when your money is going?


Here are some steps I used to help myself to control what I was spending when going to the mall:

1. Space scrub your closet –¬†¬†I bet there are some tops, dresses, pants, etc that are sitting in your closet that haven’t been worn in a while. ¬†And if you don’t want to wear them, donate them. ¬†Clean and tidy your closet so you can see what you have. ¬†Organize them in a way where all your shirts are in one section, your pants, work tops, casual tops, casual jeans, jackets, sweaters and tanks.

2. ¬†7 Day Rule –¬†When I used to see a pair of shoes on sale it was very difficult for me not to purchase them. ¬†But someone once told me that if I am tempted to buy something, leave it and put it back. ¬†After 7 days if I still wanted those shoes, only then should I go back and buy the pair. ¬†Honestly, after the first day I’m glad I didn’t buy them. ¬†However, there were a couple of times when, after 7 days, I kept thinking about shoes and I did go back to buy them.

3. ¬†Be Realistic – Seriously, be realistic! ¬†Did I really need another top which cost me $80!! ¬†No, I didn’t. ¬†I can do with what I have in my closet.

4. ¬†Question your needs vs. wants – Once you space scrub your closet, then you can decide on whether or not you need a pair of pants or a few tops. ¬†And if you do, then start putting some money aside and save up for it. ¬†What I normally do is every 3 – 4 months, I buy a few tops/dresses. ¬†I put $20 – 50 aside every month and then when I have enough I go on a shopping spree ūüôā ¬†And it feels great!!

5. ¬†Strive for a goal – What is your financial goal? ¬†Where do you want to be in a year from now? ¬†2 years from now? ¬†5 years from now? ¬†10 years from now? ¬†You have to start some where and where else to begin than now ūüôā


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DIY Ultra Sound Picture Frame

I had a¬†picture frame sitting in my storage room for months. ¬†I already had enough pictures around my house and didn’t need more pictures so it sat in the room for a very long time. ¬†Until one day, I was going through Pinterest (which I love love LOVE) and saw this great idea.


Yes…this was it!! ¬†I had kept my kids ultra sound pictures in a box for years with other sentimental items I kept. ¬†For example, their little tiny hats the hospital gave when they were born. ¬†I have my daughter’s first winter jacket that my sister gave me. ¬†It’s pink and has¬†“Princess” on the front. ¬†I also have my son’s first shoes, basketball jersey and both children’s hospital bands. ¬†I keep adding little items and one day I will give them back to my children.

I took out the ultra sound pictures I had kept so safely and started to work. ¬†It was the easiest DIY I have done so far. ¬†I printed out the “Love at first Sight” in colour, grabbed some diamond stickers from my daughter’s crafts box and in less than 15 minutes I was done.

20150429_165613 1

20150429_165633 2

20150429_165749 4

Now I am able to see my little babies every day. ¬†No matter how fast time is going and/or how fast my munchkins are growing….they will always be my babies ūüôā

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10 ways to turn the frown upside down

I’m on my bed, laptop in my lap and looking outside at the sunset. ¬†I’m trying to decide what my first sentence should and reflecting on my feelings I had today. ¬†I had a lot of self doubt….

For the past couple of days I was feeling a bit defeated. ¬†I think it maybe because I’m really close to my comfort zone and it’s scary. ¬†You know that stick you take out and bang yourself with it when you feel as though¬†you’re at your worst? ¬†Well I had that stick out a lot. ¬†And those voices!! ¬†Why can’t those voices just go away? ¬†My voices are really mean to me…very mean. ¬†Why do I¬†self-hate myself? Does anyone else do this to themselves? ¬†And what are some ways I can move past¬†all those negative feelings,¬†feel better and tell myself that I am on the right path.


  1. Workout, workout, workout! When I got home today, I knew I didn’t want to work out but needed to get that frustration out. So I popped in my P90X DVD and BAM felt so much better after my workout. It released all that tension I had and my energy level was back.
  2. Eat Healthy! Your mind is telling you ‚Äúgoooo to Mcdonald‚Äôs and get that Big Mac‚ÄĚ. You‚Äôll enjoy it for that moment and then your body tells you ‚Äúwhat the hell did you just do to me woman (or man)?‚ÄĚ Trust me, your body will thank you when you eat healthy nourishing meals.
  3. Get a Mani/Pedi!¬† ¬†Hey if this is something that will make you feel good then go do it. ¬†Go do something for yourself that makes you feel good inside. ¬†Being pampered isn’t a sin.
  4. Stay connected with positive people in your life!¬† If you‚Äôre feeling down, call a friend and/or family member that you know will smack you in the face and say ‚Äúwake up‚Ķyou have a beautiful life‚ÄĚ. ¬†And yes you my friend do have a beautiful life ūüôā
  5. Watch a funny movie or just watch Ellen! I love watching Ellen. With that one hour she has she makes the world a better place. But hey, if you want to watch a movie, then watch a funny movie.
  6. Laugh! My daughter told me today that her teacher told her class that if someone else is laughing, it will make you laugh. So laugh all the way to China or India. Laugh till your stomach hurts. Your body, mind and heart will thank you ūüôā
  7. Dress up! Dress to impress the world. Wear those heals that you have been hiding in your closet and take out that fancy perfume.   When you look (and smell) good you also feel good.
  8. Write!   Keep a gratitude journal and journal as much as you can. Write 5 things you are grateful that happened today and do it everyday. You will see so much more positive flow in your life you’ll be laughing to the moon.
  9. Sing in the car! Yes I do it all the time. ¬†When my favourite song comes on, I turn up the volume and start signing and dancing in my seat. I don‚Äôt care who sees me because I bet you they have done it too ūüôā
  10. Pay it forward! Last but not least, pay it forward. I can tell a stranger that I love their outfit, a simple hello, paying for their coffee, telling them that they have a beautiful soul. It feels good to know that I helped out someone and maybe made his or her day.
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What? No Electronics??

The kids and I are eating home made popcorn and watching Captain America: The Winter Solider. ¬†We have seen the movie three times but it’s Friday night and the kids love watching this movie. ¬†All together we are curled up on the couch and enjoying the evening. ¬†I do occasionally go on my phone, checking my facebook, instagram, liking & commenting on what I like. ¬†I know I should put my phone away but I’m on it. ¬†Everything is going good and then the power goes out!!! ¬†Yup, the power goes out.

My kids get confused and start to panic. ¬†I start to laugh and try to calm them down that “mommy” is here and they have nothing to worry about. ¬†Inside I am¬†starting to worry because my husband is out of town and my phone battery is only at 30%. ¬†All these questions are going through my head: ¬†What if he is trying to call and my phone is dead? ¬†When will the power go back on? ¬†How will I be able to contact anyone if my phone and house line aren’t¬†working? ¬†How will I get my car out of the garage? I want to keep the kids calm so I put on a brave face. ¬†Let’s say that I’m not a fan of the dark either.

I get the candles/divas out and start lighting them. ¬†The kids are definitely not enjoying this experience. ¬†To not be able to use any electronics was kind of a relief to me. ¬†Slowly we all get into my bed and start telling each other stories and this was exactly what we needed. ¬†My daughter was still a bit scared so I tried to make both my kids laugh and laugh at the situation. ¬†I then realized that I depend¬†on electricity and electronics. ¬† Why should I not put my phone way, turn that TV off and be silly with my munchkins. ¬†That’s something they will always remember.

We, as a society, have¬†become so focused on communication without direct contact that we are forgetting on how to communicate face to face. ¬†Remember those times when we used to call and talk to someone? ¬†It’s much easier now to simply text someone where we are going, an invite or make plans on what to do on a Saturday night.

How about we do this? ¬†One night put all those electronics away. ¬†Those emails, texts, whatsapp messages can all wait. ¬†Let’s spend some good, quality time with our loved ones. ¬†I know my kids will definitely have a story to tell their Dad when he comes home. ¬†They will have that memory forever ūüôā


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My Banberrylicious Shake


Banberrylicious shake

I forgot how much fun it is to take pictures with my camera. ¬†My camera was tucked away nicely in the box until I finally decided it was time to take some pictures for the blog. ¬†I like pretending that I’m a professional photographer ūüôā ¬†I feel cool that I carry a “high tech” camera.

So this is my shake I drink¬†every morning. ¬†It allows me to have the protein, fibre, fruits and a little bit of dairy. ¬†There are days when I don’t get my daily intake of protein so at least I’m getting some in my shake. It also provides me with the energy boost and keeps me going for those busy days. ¬†I start my days early so an “on the go” shake is exactly what I need. ¬†I would recommend testing a couple of protein powders until you find the one you enjoy. ¬†One time, my husband picked up chocolate protein and well….let’s just say that we decided to stick with vanilla.

Here’s what I use:

  1. Isogold Protein Powder – 1 scoop
  2. Steel Cut Oats – 1 scoop (fibre, fibre, fibre!!!)
  3. 1 Banana
  4. A few frozen berries (comes in a bag with mixed berries)
  5. 1/2 cup of milk
  6. 1/4 water
  7. A handful of spinach
  8. A little bit of cinnamon – I have heard of the health benefits of using cinnamon and tastes good

I also recommend using a good bullet. ¬†We used to use a bullet that was around $30 and it did an ok job but there were always lumps left behind. ¬†We were over at our friend’s place one evening and I was telling them that our bullet was alright. ¬†They suggested we try the NutriBullet. ¬†I checked online and compared the prices and pretty much all the retailers were selling it for the same price. ¬†So we bought it and haven’t looked back. ¬†Our bullet gets used quite a bit and it’s worth the money.


What’s in your shake? ¬† ūüôā

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20 random facts….


20 Facts about me:

  1. Born in Vancouver, raised in Richmond and now live in Surrey.
  2. Yes…I actually disliked Surrey but now love it with passion.
  3. I am Sikh.
  4. Growing up I was a very shy kid. So shy that when my parents wanted to take professional pictures of us, my Mom had to reschedule 3 times because I wouldn’t smile. I was way too scared of the camera and the person behind the camera..LOL
  5. I have two beautiful children.  Selena is my oldest and she is 8 and Gradyn is 6.
  6. Selena, my Mom and myself have our birthdays 1 day apart. Scorpio’s all the way!!!!!
  7. This year will our 10 year wedding anniversary ūüôā
  8. I love listening to rain.
  9. I have been with my company for over 5 years!!
  10. I am a people pleaser.
  11. I have one younger sister ‚Äď Simran.
  12. I’m 100% analyzer! I will analyze anything and everything till the cows go home.  Sometimes I wish I had a key to turn my brain off.
  13. I‚Äôm a very good listener. What‚Äôs interesting is that a lot people don‚Äôt know how to listen. They keep interrupting and/or start giving advice. Please ‚Äď listen!
  1. I’m obsessed with the colour purple and blue. Absolutely love both colours.
  2. My favourite day is Friday.
  3. I was an ‚Äúok‚ÄĚ cook before but now my husband and kids rave about my cooking. I love to cook from scratch. It‚Äôs way healthier than opening up a frozen dinner and re-heating it.
  4. Wow…already at 17! I’m not a morning person unless I get my 8 hours of sleep. I love my sleep!
  5. I watch every single episode of all the Housewives.   You could say I have an addiction.   What?? They have money and I like to see how they blow their money.
  6. As a little kid I used to grind my teeth to the point where my Mom had to take me to the doctor and ask what’s wrong with me.
  7. I finally went to Vegas after my 31st birthday.   I have gone three times and I’m itching to go again.

Alright, here‚Äôs one more‚Ķ I love life! Waking up every morning is a gift from the above and I don‚Äôt take it for granted. ¬† I have those days where I want to pull all my hair out or someone else‚Äôs hair. But this is my life and I want to do what I love to do. I have opened my mind, arms and heart to new things and ideas. ¬† Everyday, before leaving for the day I pray and I pray that I am shown the truthful path. That‚Äôs it ūüôā

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My Life Bucket List

Bucket lists…does everyone have one? ¬†I do and I have 32 things on my list. ¬†I made my list back in 2011 and I tried to “think out of the box”.¬†I haven’t¬†looked at my bucket list until now and realized that I have¬†actually completed¬†some of these. ¬† When I look at it now I would change some of the items listed. ¬†Some of these items are far stretched but hey the universe is magical place.


1.  Paragliding Рkind of having second thoughts on this one since I have heard not so good!

2. ¬†Take the kids to Disneyland – DONE in 2014 ūüôā

3. ¬†Louis Vuitton Purse – DONE and didn’t have to pay retail ūüôā

4.  Gucci Purse

5.  Hawaii

6.  Travel to Europe

7. Buy a new ring – DONE added a second wedding band (LOVE IT)!

8.  Jump out of a plane Рeeerrrr, second guessing that decision!

9. ¬†Create more art – DONE, took some art classes and created two paintings ūüôā

10.  Vacation on a cruiseship

11.  Dream car РRange Rover

12.  Have a big pool in the backyard

13.  Big Diamond Earrings

14.  1000 pair of shoes

15.  $10,000 watch

16.  Swim with the dolphins

17.  See the Mona Lisa painting

18.  Take a year off and travel the world

19.  Have a beach home

20.  Travel on a private jet

21.  Have a personal chef cook for us

22.  Send the kids to private high school

23. ¬†Meet Shah Rukh Khan – my fav actor of all time ūüôā

24.  Be on TV

25.  Go to Paris

26.  Zip linning РDONE in Whislter

27.  Have a personal hairstylist

28.  Have a personal makeup artist

29.  Have a theater room in our home

30.  Wear a million dollar jewelry

31.  Be a voice for a major cartoon movie

32.  Design cakes Рstarted doing that for my kids birthdays

Universe keep doing what you do best…..surprise me ūüôā